Ruben is a male boa constrictor based out of Chicago IL. He’s 9 years old, 6 feet long and is an ambassador to his species. He is an educational snake and over the past 4 years has participated in many educational events with the Southern California Herpetology Society in Los Angeles. This means he’s socialized in a way where he is very comfortable in otherwise stressful situations for reptiles. This makes him perfect to help others learn about snakes on their terms. Ruben is available for modeling/photography opportunities, entertainment needs, and educational events. He has experience in stage and club performances with entertainers, he’s participated in photoshoots for a few brands, and works well with other models, animals or otherwise. If you need a snake for any reason Ruben is available for hire. He does come with a base fee for most jobs, but depending on the opportunity, and stress level of the work - rates are negotiable.
Ruben is my personal pet, and I’ve raised him from a hatchling to be as patient and docile as he is. I am an educated and experienced reptile handler for over 15 years.

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