My name is Lauren Versino and I am a Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator out of Chicago Illinois.


I don’t have a hometown. I like to learn what makes a place special to the people that live there and let that become a part of me.

I like to do a million things. I make enamel pins for my Etsy store because I think it's fun. I do commercial graphic design, currently for Wilson Sporting Goods. I primarily work on digital ads, and creative strategic concepting for some of Racquet Sport’s campaigns. I love doing freelance work for bands, and friends. If you’re a band in need of merch or logos - or y’all want sick matching tattoos, email me.

I really love snakes, alligators, and hearing other people’s stories. Those things interest me so much I’ll be late to appointments to stay and listen to someone or observe a reptile.


Artists are under no obligation to share their work with you. I do it to connect with you, plus, it’s fun.

- My opinion


I think people who have a talent for something are under no obligation to share it. I put myself out there to say "I’m here, I’m interested, and I want to connect with you" I enjoy being human in that way. Plus, it’s fun.


Have fun out there y’all,