RND Coffee

RND Coffee is a brand of coffee that takes a more scientific approach. RND is an abbreviation for Roasters Next Door as well as a play on Research and Development. I was asked to explore design elements that fit with molecules or a light bulb to signal and idea of science meets coffee. This local Virginia brand was to be sold with in the research centers in the surrounding colleges.


How do I get it to say ‘Coffee’ but read ‘Science’?

I started with what the typeface look and feel would be. The general look and feel had to read coffee but be clear enough to also have a level of professionalism and readability to it. I had to ask, how do I get this to say ‘science’ but yell coffee?


Logo taking shape.

I wanted to create a logo that could fit on a wide array of platforms [as a logo should]. Mostly it had to look good on the coffee cups and the coffee bags. The circle configuration was chosen as a ’stamp’ for product and future uniforms. It also solved a problem the start up had in needing to customize a lot of packaging. The circle is a good shape for a logo and a great shape for a stamp as well.

RND Coffee logo VA Lauren Versino

Coffee Lightbulb Icon

When I landed at the coffee lightbulb I was very excited. You can see it both ways, science and coffee, which was what needed to be achieved. It’s subtly both. I’m especially proud of this merging of elements! It’s a solid icon for social media, and other small logo needs, wile connecting all concepts together.