My most FREQUENTLY asked question is if I will design tattoos.

Designs start at $50 - depending on the scope of the project it could be more.

My major disclaimer is that when you take my design to a tattoo artist - they will likely want to make adjustments so it looks best on your body - let them do it. 

Send all tattoo design requests to

- I only take Paypal for tattoo designs. -

I have a great respect for the tattoo community - and the history and hard work that goes into earning the right to become a tattoo artist. I one day hope to go through that trial and prove myself as well. 
If you're serious about getting a tattoo - you will find a tattoo artist you like and go to them for the design - that's literally their job.

THAT BEING SAID if your heart is still set on me designing your tattoo for you I will do it