Skybird Travel and Tours.jpg

During my time in the marketing department with the airline consolidation company Sky Bird Travel & Tours (B2B) I was responsible for our web page graphics on the Vacation platform VAX. Partnered with a copywriter I was charged with conveying the basic core competencies of Sky Bird: Lowest net fares, great customer service, and weekly commissions. Every two weeks the banners needed to updated these concepts to get agents to the main Sky Bird Travel & Tours web page for various call's to actions. This campaign proved a 40% increase in our goal to collect more registrations to the Sky Bird site! I was charged with some Google Analytics and Link Tracking within this process. 


I also would be charged with working directly with our airline partners. This collaberation often called for print advertisements that appeared in various news papers.  The following examples I created with  international airline partners Alitalia and Delta. These ads were run domestically in the United States in the newspaper The India Tribune. 


I also was charged with working on the back end of our Wordpress website for the sister company SkyVacations. I had to create a travel tour itinerary to the Amalfi Coast in both web and print. Below is the print version of the itinerary that agents provided their customers. The web version can be seen here