I've always loved Video editing as a hobby. Since I was in 7th grade [back in 2004] I always had a video camera. I typically use iMovie for my vlog projects, or to throw something quick together. But I do know Final Cut. Here is a showcase of my favorite videos I've made. They all live on Youtube with my modest 220+ subscribers. 


When I lived in Los Angeles I spent a lot of time filming at Santa Monica beach. I used color correction, slow motion, and license free music to showcase this. 

LA Vlog

Again living in Los Angeles for a year I vlogged my experiance. Every week I would go out into Los Angeles and see what it had to offer. I met and worked with celebrities, went to concerts, visited the main tourist attractions, and witnessed things the locals had to deal with. It was fun and I'd love to do it more!

Process Videos

Lauren Versino Hot Dog GIF
Lauren Versino Process GIF Scifi pin up girl

I draw all the time, and sometimes I go live on Facebook or Periscope to hang out with people online wile I spend hours making something. I often export those 2-3 hour videos and speed them up to post for those who couldn't hang out with me. 

For projects that take all day I often will take a time lapse on my phone. Most the time it's for fun as you don't always get to see someone's process. I will often upload the timelapse unedited but create a unique thumbnail for my video.