Updating the Logo:

Good day all!

The ol' website is getting some much needed updates!
I have a new logo here, the Pink Crocodile. 
The more I grow up over here the more I realize life is just for fun. Nothing screams fun to me like some silly pink crocodiles. 

I've also been looking into opening up the shop more. I'd like to provide more fun things other than prints. Pins, patches, and anything else that seems interesting to make. The possibilities are really opening up in my brain. 

I've been looking into spending a lot more time with reptiles along with my artwork, so you'll be seeing a lot more of those two things around here. All in good fun and high spirits. 

New logo, updated emails, updated social media platforms [really gotta stay on top of that tumblr], as well as being more available for opportunities. 
feel free to reach out!

Have some fun with the Pink Crocodile. Where ever she is, I am ;)

Lauren VersinoComment