During the time I worked for the airline consolidation company Sky Bird Travel & Tours (B2B) I was responsible for creating email blasts for various promotions. This would include Sky Bird company branding as well as any airline partners promotions we were running such as Alitala or Delta. I was often charged with matching the clients branding to our call to action, as well as some light HTML code in Adobe Dreamweaver. 

2017-01-17-Pegasus Broadcast - Konya.jpg

At times there was opportunity to be more illustrative in email blast Sky Bird Travel & Tours sent out. With company event invitations, as well as festival promotions I enjoyed working with the freedom to be more creative and illustrative with the branding in Adobe Illustrator. 

2017-07-31 - Dallas Office Opening Invitation.jpg
2017-08-09-JaxFax (Email Broadcast)-Oktoberfest(Germany).jpg