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Damaged Kids Clothing was a street wear brand founded by Oliver Baxxter of Broadside and myself. It was inspired by the pop punk, warped tour, punk kid culture. This brand was meant to give back to the community by having a percentage of the proceeds of ever garment sale go to various resources to make mental health tools more accessible to those who needed it most. We funded our company through a Go Fund Me campaign. Once we achieved our financial goal we printed 4 designs. 

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I was Operations Manager as well as one of the Designers for Damaged Kids. I ordered product from vendors, factored the pricing for each garment, sewed in our custom tags, as well as design our main letter logo and some shirts. I also would vector illustrations sent to me from Oliver's designs.


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Damaged Kids gained enough of a following where we moved the company to Los Angeles California. We wanted to do this to learn how to grow a brand, seek mentors, as well as be in the heart of the US manufacturing district of Down Town Los Angeles. 


The Stoked Skull Icon was made to be associated with the DK brand. He's also meant to be super positive and lighten up the discussion around mental health.

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