Re-Released of Damaged Kids Designs

In 2015 I helped a friend of mine with their dream of starting a streetwear brand. It became a shared dream after a certain point and we became 50/50 partners. It was mildly successful, crowed sourced, and it's what moved me to Los Angeles in 2016. It's also something that completely blew up in my face and failed. 
I lost my friend, my money, and the business...because I was in business with the wrong person. 
It's an experience that I have a lot of emotions about. I also learned a lot of lessons the hard way through this experience. But most of all I felt bad that a lot of people in my life as well as strangers gave to the funds for this dream to be real, and they never got any return on this investment. On top of that no answers, because I didn't know the business was closing till everyone else read it. 

Damaged Kids Shield Tee Lauren Versino 2018 Chicago

2 years later I was thinking on it and really wanted to take ownership of this negative thing in my life and give it an ending it deserved. So -solo- I did it again. Over the past month I've dug around the archives of the hard drive I kept when I was working on this brand. I spent a lot of time seeing what was left of Damaged Kids' online presence. I also made some new designs and built a whole page on my website to host this. I found a vendor that could help me produce these products. I reached out to past publications that covered Damaged Kids back in the day and I just really wanted to push this back out into the world for people to either get the answers they were looking for, or become interested in design I believed in. 
You see Damaged Kids was a brand that was always meant to give back. A % of sales was always intended to go back into my community, and it just never got there because of the poor managing between pricing structure, and creative differences with my ex-business partner and I. This time that will not happen. I'm giving all sales I make off Damaged Kids 2018 to RAINN [Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network]  up to $2000, the total amount asked for start up costs in 2015. 

So go ahead and go over to my Damaged Kids 2018 page and poke around. 
I have articles and interviews up. I'm working on doing more, desiging more, and talking more.