Living in Detroit

It’s been a wile since I’ve written anything.
Since being back on the East Coast I’ve landed in Detroit Michigan. Yikes right!? Well it’s actually very interesting. I’ve come to really appreciate the Motor City. I was never a car person, I wouldn't say I am one now,  but living here for the past 8 months I’ve come to really appreciate the design industry that’s in Detroit…which is all cars. 

The people here are interesting too. They are all incredibly invested in building their city up. That is still a thing by the way. Detroit really fell when America started outsourcing most of it’s manufacturing and this city is still figuring it’s self out after that loss. It’s been very interesting to go on job interviews for marketing jobs and design department jobs and hearing everyones version of Detroit history and the advice along with that. Not to mention I’ve ventured down town a few times to find the very elusive but ever present art culture here very interesting. The artists i’ve met here are very passionate! I can see it growing into something like New Orleans. Very local, very protective of their culture, and very creative and ambitious. I’ve been impressed with the fine artists, graffiti artists, etc, I’ve run into here so far! 

Wile I’ve been here I’ve been taking advantage of two things I haven’t had in a while. Time, and financial flexibility. I’ve been spending a lot of time throwing myself into projects I’ve always wanted to commit to. Like my Podcast with my buddy Grey. Making Threadless shirts and ordering t-shirt stock for a photoshoot. Saving the money I’m making from the pins, to make more pins! So on and so on. It’s been very fulfilling for me. I also really have time to explore new interests too.
Recently I got a day job at a travel agency as a designer for various ad campaigns. Which is a completely new thing for me professionally. I’m learning a lot there about graphics programs, as well as thinking about marketing [obviously, look at my new site!!!] I’m also incredibly fortunate to work with a group of people I’ve really come to like, and who offer a lot to me creatively. It’s super nice to see what others are into, and learn from their process and interests. It’s very refreshing.
When I pretty much lost all my money in trying the L.A. thing and had to move home I felt like a pretttttty big failure despite how positive I was trying to spin that out loud. I also thought coming to Detroit was just such a waste of my time. But I’m SUPER wrong! How nice to be so wrong. I definitely have some future goals that I think will take me elsewhere in this country, but for now, I’m happy to explore myself, my creative desires, and this city! Detroit is super cool, it’s a surprise, and it is super rough too…I am still very intimidated to venture out there alone into the unknown [I have stumbled into a bullet proof McDonalds recently]…but, the people I’ve met here, and the places I’ve been to around here are pretty neat and are not be to dismissed. It’s been weirdly inspiring for the time being. 

I was feeling pretty burned about 8 months ago, but this is part of the journey! I feel I must embrace the journey, so I’m happy to be here and excited to see what’s next for me, the art, the business, and what ever else is coming this way! I’m making a bigger effort to be more of myself on social media, and the internet, and less of a ‘business’. I am a person. I run everything myself. I am very excited about what I create and put out into the world. I’m just going to be authentic and genuine. It’s how I like to experience the world. 


So ‘till something else happens.