Original Art for Sale at New Profanity - Melrose Ave

Being New to Los Angeles - and an AVID Instagram user - I noticed a cool shop followed me. 

Called New Profanity. 
I was impressed it was a Melrose store. the only thing I knew about Melrose was it's super trendy. So to have a shop interested in me was super cool feeling. I messaged them and wham-bam-thank you ma'am- my Original art and pins are in Natasha's store!

It's been a really fun experience. Natasha who owns the store is a delight, and easy to talk to. She's very interested in people, their wants, and what makes them happy, and of course the creative process. It's why everything in her store is 100% artist made.

My original marker drawing are for sale [and framed] in her store as well as my enamel pins i sell for fun. Nicolas Cage - Derp Gaga - and I'm Subtle -  are all available. Proceeds go to artists! 

Go check out my stuff at New Profanity!!!! 

 7418 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046