Moved to Los Angeles

Good evening everyone!

I picked up and moved to Los Angeles. 
In Richmond I was starting to feel like a big fish in a small pond...It wasn't as inspiring as it once was. My guts told me it was time to move on. So I listened. 

January 4th, I packed up all my belongings, Ruben the snake, and myself and made the 5 day trek to the other side of the country. I saw many things, and learned that I LOVE the desert. 
January 14th, I signed a lease and now live in Culver City in LA. So far I've gone to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Natural History museum, all the malls, Little Tokyo, as well as Hollywood Blvd. 

I've concluded Los Angeles is the BUSIEST place I've ever been, let alone lived. I have to say, I'm experiencing a heck of a case of culture shock. But it's exciting over here. I believe I will find my next major opportunity out there, which was the whole point. 

Stay tuned! I will update more about my adventure here in Los Angeles. 
Seeking opportunity, and creativity,