RAW: New Orleans

Hello all,

New Orleans has come and gone, and I have fallen in love. I have always wanted to visit this city, but never had a reason to go. Yet again the organization RAW has given me the means to show in a city of my choice, so New Orleans was my destination.

It was an amazingly different place than I knew. The food was great, the atmosphere was fantastic and the people were humblingly kind.
It was quite a drive from Richmond VA, to New Orleans LA but it was worth the countless hours on the road, and the sleepless nights of exploration.
RAW held the show at the Republic of New Orleans which was this nice rustic venue, and i got set up and ready to go.
I found the display of interests and culture amazing, and the conversations with other artists and patrons incredibly refreshing. It's really got me thinking about where I want my practice to go, and what I want to do in my ever evolving life.

I had a fabulous time and made some amazing connections I hope to cultivate into friendships.
thanks New Orleans, you were fabulous.
I will be back.

here is the Link to my RAW page:

and here are some photos of the show, and my trip!