Up Coming Exibition: RAW Richmond

Hello all!

I have an announcement to officially make.
I will be exhibiting and selling my work at an upcoming show called RAW Richmond this March 27th [Thursday]

it'll be a very cool thing.
the way I was raised with art, and the way it was taught to me at school were very very different. I may not be in tune with a lot of local art shows and things, but I rarely find venues, or outlets i like to present my work in, though Richmond is a great place for creativity and expression.

So I was skeptical when I was approached about this event. I was unsure how official or professional it was, whether it would draw a crowed, or even be fun which is important to consider when you invest the time and money and high anxiety when putting a show together. But after a few phone interviews, and a invite to see for myself I am VERY excited to include you all in this with me!

For me it is very important my work be in a place that is like it's self. VCU wasn't ever that place for me, and there is so much art around here it's hard to find a place to fit, wile also standing out. But I really think RAW Richmond will be that place for me so I am very pleased.
This is a ticketed event, and it's hosted at the Hoppodrome theater on 2nd and Leigh. there is music, and drinks, and ART! it's very much a celebration and I'm excited to invite any and all who wish to come!

If you want to know more about RAW you can check out their website here:

and if you would like to come and support me! you can buy tickets and click here and learn more about my history with art!


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