Broadside Merch

Recently a very dear friend of mine got involved in a local band. 

I know everyone's friend, or boyfriend or who ever is in a band...blah blah blah, what is so special about that? 

The cool thing about where I live, here in Richmond Va, is that we have a very prominent music scene. A lot of trends in 'hard core' music start around here. It is not uncommon to know someone in a band, or meet someone who does.

I've always believed in this particular friend of mine's creative an musical abilities since the day we met.
He took on the bands merch and became a little overwhelmed, so I offered my help.

this resulted in their new shirt! You can still purchase it on their merchandise website, pictures and links below!
ALSO be on the look out for their new music video soon.

Merch Store:



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