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Be Subtle Pins is an enamel pin Etsy Store I currently run. In 2016 I really loved the challenge of creating a one liner in the small 1.5 inch enamel pin space. I also just really loved the idea of creating an accessory. Funny enough enamel pins were coming back in a big way at the time I had this curiosity.

Over time I've built a social media presence with Be Subtle Pins on instagram with 500+ organic followers. That has enabled me to sell my pins at New Profanity on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, and the consignment shops Shittty Stuff and Leviticus Jewlery. I also participate in trade shows, pin trades and giveaways with other makers on Instagram!

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All designs are created in Illustrator and then the vectors are sent out to a manufacturer for production. This business is super fun for me and I am constantly coming up with ideas to create into my next pin or sticker. I've hit over 200 sales on my etsy shop in under 8 months, have 50+ 5 star reviews, and I've traded over 20 pins with other makers. I just love this side project!

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