I'm 26.
I have Synesthesia. 
I'm good at Traditional Illustration.
I have a Fine Art Degree.
I would love to learn how to Tattoo.

Some words:

My name is Lauren Versino.
I don’t have a hometown. I like to learn what makes a place spacial to the people that live there and let that become a part of me.

I do a million things. I make enamel pins for my Etsy store because I think it's fun. I design t-shirts for my Threadless store because I love making clothes that I think are funny, or more personal to me, or you! I have a podcast with my best friend where we talk about living in the midwest that comes out every Wednesday. I have a day job where I am a graphic designer at a marketing agency. I make and do all these things because it's SUPER fun for me.

I really love snakes and alligators, and hearing other people’s stories. Those things interest me so much I’ll be late to appointments to stay and listen to someone or observe a reptile.

I think people who have a talent for something are under no obligation to share it. I put myself out there to say ‘I’m here, I’m interested,and let's have some fun!’ I enjoy being human in that way.